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  • Reasons for using SharePoint for your Intranet

Every company has a different goal and perspective towards their SharePoint intranet and they have put in substantial effort in tailoring it to meet their core intranet purpose. To be precise, every SP intranet should provide two major type of features, viz. a work based feature, which will help the employee to accomplish their daily tasks, perform department/team specific activities contributing to their role. Second, the SP intranet should target upon fostering employee’s social life and corporate wide activities making them feel an integral part of the strong corporate community.

List of Role or Work based features:

Social or Collaborative features:

The above features are not exhaustive. Each company will have their own list of needs added to their work and social based features required in their version of SharePoint Intranet. The management must be keen in analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each of these features before promoting it to be a part of their core SharePoint intranet. A successful intranet will have a splendid balance established between these social and work features.