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  • Reason for poor adoption of SharePoint Intranet

Bad Design is one of the key reason for the decrease in the rate of user adoption towards intranet. Bad design has multiple faces which we need to identify and fix. Below are some of the pain points which we analyzed from our clients.

  1. Using default OOTB look and feel: It doesn’t give users the feeling that their corporate intranet system is unique and it lacks custom branding and theming comprehending to their company.
  2. Outdated Design: Design patterns have evolved a lot especially in the intranets to gather the attention of the users. Usage of outdated intranet designs would look like the users are interacting with an intranet which is been developed ages back even though it runs on the latest technology.
  3. Heavy or Complicated design: No one wants to work on a messy design which is pounded with a lot of information. Easy access to the right required information to the end user should be the key target of a user-friendly intranet.
  4. Non-Responsive Design: You can’t say to your end customer that you develop the intranet to work good in Desktops and Laptops. In default, you need to support the legible view of the intranet in your handheld devices of different sizes by maintaining a responsive design.
  5. A better design would be the first thing to attract your employees towards the intranet portal. If the employees don’t like the look and feel of the intranet they don’t use it. Every task which they wanted to perform through the intranet becomes a challenge which results in employees looking for an alternative solution to accomplish the tasks. The bad design leaves no room for collaboration among the employees.

Poor adoption costs you more money. You don’t get proper ROI on your SharePoint investments which you have made on your intranet. It is wise to choose an industry expert to plan your SharePoint intranet to avoid these pain points.