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  • Seemless Salesforce Integration made easy

Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. With more organizations getting on-boarded to consume Salesforce services, including sales, service, marketing, analytics and mobile apps, there is ever-growing need to integrate with other core systems within an organization’s IT landscape.

The Boomi Integration platform-as-a service (iPaaS) is a 100% cloud-native technology enabling access to Salesforce data within minutes. Out of the box Salesforce connector with simple drag and drop features and hustle free deployments in the Boomi cloud platform enables resources with limited technical skills to integrate Salesforce with other applications in minimal time period. This leads to saving any organization from hiring senior developers to write any custom codes.

Effective ways to simplify Salesforce Integration through Boomi:

  • Boomi Integration platform’s low-code, go-cloud approach resonates much with Salesforce approach of hustle free development. Organizations can turn their team’s efforts productive right from the start.
  • Boomi offers pre-built connectors for Salesforce applications and Platform events enabling organizations to run more efficiently through event-driven business processes that execute in near-real time.  
  • Boomi Suggest allows users to leverage the collective intelligence of Boomi community and suggest data mappings for integrations between prevalent platforms like Salesforce and other services and applications.
  • Salesforce uses its own query language called Salesforce Object Query Language, or SOQL for accessing Salesforce data and is modeled on SQL. To avoid the complexity in constructing long queries, Boomi uses checkbox interfaces and help business and non-technical users to construct the queries in a much easier and faster way. This is one instance of how Boomi low-code interface makes integration easy and fast while ensuring that troubleshooting work and maintenance for IT is reduced.

Enhancing Salesforce with Boomi flow:

Boomi Flow is capable of bringing greater value to Salesforce customers by extending the workflow capabilities inside any organization by supplementing capabilities like access to external applications, offline support, social communications/Salesforce Chatter support, real-time updating etc. The value addition of Boomi flows is effective when users need to connect to best of breed applications like DropBox, Box, SharePoint, Twilio, DocuSign, Heroku application or a database.

Boomi Flow offers an agnostic, unified workflow system to drive all user integrations both in and out of Salesforce. The ability to speak to the other cloud applications is a vital part of what users do to drive end-to-end workflows throughout all steps in their business processes. Boomi does the job of addressing the tests with elasticity, scale, and growing expertise. The Boomi platform also supports virtually unlimited processes and synchronized users.

Enhancing Salesforce with Boomi APIs:

API’s enable enterprises to optimize the process by connecting internal and external systems and exchange data with multiple systems. Boomi provides a platform to create, publish and manage API’s and exposes API discovery service to share data.

API’s allows data retrieval from different applications and enables Boomi flow to orchestrate the data exchange between applications like SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, etc. without login.

Enhancing Salesforce with Boomi MDM:

Master Data Management (MDM) is the foundation for data governance. “Golden records” act as a critical reference point, which preserves the data quality and offers a final authority for solving data differences across any organization.

Boomi platform enables organizations to implement MDM in a reduced time period of 1/4th compared to typical MDM implementations. Boomi Master Data Management indicates cleansed master data gathered from all applications in an organization. Any data source, including Salesforce, is linked to the Boomi MDM hub and can either contribute data to the hub or consume data from the hub.

Boomi MDM allows users to write custom rules with low code interface to determine the type of data to be persisted in the hub. MDM identifies duplicates, error data and the records are quarantined for scrutiny and resolution.

In a Nutshell

Salesforce integration is a no-brainer with Boomi offerings. Just to reiterate from ROI perspective

  • Salesforce is a key source of customer data and connecting to Salesforce enables other IT systems within organization leverage and create efficiency and increase business agility.
  • Creation of custom integrations and leveraging existing API’s of Salesforce allows organizations to extract Salesforce data and use them appropriately
  • Including Salesforce in an organization’s MDM program guarantees that Salesforce is continuously working with the most precise and up-to-date in the enterprise, helping evading redundant data entry work and unpredictable, contradictory data.