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  • Why is it high time to migrate to Dynamics 365?

Change is inevitable it perfectly fits for software and technology. Many a time people are attracted to new features, capabilities, extended support urging them to move to the latest technology available in the market. At times the migration happens to the latest release of the same tool which will most probably be supported by a utility. This utility is likely to be released by the company which owns the product. Microsoft has released their flagship product Dynamics 365 which is the latest upgrade of their on-premise version of the ERP system which is AX 7. Below are some of the top reasons for my view which you need to consider moving to Dynamics 365.

  1. On-Cloud: Dynamics 365 runs on cloud this would right away cut the cost involved in the hardware and maintenance involved in the system. It is clear in the recent past that Microsoft pushes their clients to their cloud-based tech updates. It is wise to go along with the flow to avoid additional subscription cost spend and increase in migration cost due to an increase in the data size.
  2. Data Security: All the data available in D365 is been taken care of by Microsoft. The data is kept secure than the data available in your on-premise through some advanced encryption and decryption. Features like multi-factor authentication will boost up the reliability and security of the system.
  3. Auto Upgrade: As you run on-cloud the software upgrade is easy and Microsoft considers the accessibility of the data available in the existing system before making any upgrade to the software. You work on the latest version of D365 always without paying any additional cost for it.
  4. Easy Integration: D365 integrates easily with other Microsoft cloud applications available under Office 365 such as mailing integration, data movement to SharePoint lists, one drive etc
  5. Deprecation of Microsoft support: Microsoft has now announced that it is going to deprecate the support which it extended for AX – 2009. You can expect the same depreciation of support to happen for AX – 2012 and AX-7.

Microsoft now has a DMT tool which helps in migrating the out of the box contents from legacy AX 2009 to D365. AVASOFT’s migration R&D team has worked on this opportunity and have created a tool which has the competence to migrate the contents from both the out of the box items of D365 through DMT and custom contents through their custom DEM tool.