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  • Reasons to go for Microsoft Teams over Slack

When considering the future of both these platforms we need to compare of what they provide in the real time. Slack offers advanced features like document imaging, document indexing, Mobile integration, single sign-on etc which stands tall against the Microsoft Teams. As they rightly say everything is dependent on the perspective which you make it to the topic. Microsoft Teams must be considered from a wider angle of its deep seamless integration with Another office 365 components like SharePoint, Online office, power apps, flow etc. In lieu of costing, Microsoft Teams doesn’t involve any additional costing and goes along with bundled Office 365 licensing.

Below are some of the factors which made me think Microsoft Teams to lead the race.

  • Advantage as a full-blown enterprise solution - Office 365 has grown huge over the past decade against its competitors like IBM Notes, G-Suite, IBM Connections etc. Office 365 has fully materialized for getting your work done in the modern business world through its integration with Outlook, Skype, SharePoint, Office online, etc. Microsoft Teams is the latest to join this family of Office 365.
  • Integration and usage of details across the office 365 family members are quite easy. The identity moves seamlessly across the office cloud apps. For example, if you wanted to schedule a meeting for your team members in outlook you can easily do it. If you want to share the notes taken during a team meeting do it directly to a team or to the channel under the team. Store the team documents in SharePoint document library and use it as a reference where ever you want within the Microsoft Teams. 
  • Slack is a product company which does collaboration software. Microsoft provides true enterprise-class security for Microsoft Teams with the advanced enterprise mobility and security suite that comes attached with office 365. Microsoft invests billions of dollars for the security of their client’s data available in the cloud, unlike slack which runs on simple enterprise license. Microsoft’s data centers are truly global proposition with the valuable information of the companies and government stored in different Geo locations. Slack in most cases loses to ensure the security compliance for winning deals with banks, insurance, healthcare and other secured institutions. 

Teams have very little feature difference than slack. The Microsoft Team R&D will work on to improvise and bring Teams in par with slack in terms of feature and ensure to benefit more in the whole view of managing it with Office 365.

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