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In the modernized world where the technology has transformed business unlike the world has ever seen before, every businessmen’s goal is to increase their customer base, thereby their revenue. Mobile is the tech that is now with almost every person in the world, the difficult part in getting the business to the customer through their mobile is that they are all scattered across different devices, versions, platforms or the operating system in use. While some large business has the potential to afford to address the diversity with an application for each platform, it the small and mid-level business that always suffer. So, having one cross-platform app is a good choice than to build and support multiple applications for different platforms.

Appcelerator is one of the few cross-platform frameworks that gives close to native experience with the help of Titanium SDK. Titanium SDK is an open-source framework that allows developers to produce native mobile apps on the leading mobile platforms from a single JavaScript codebase that promotes faster development at significantly lower costs and reduced risk.

How It Works:

The application would be developed with JavaScript at the top, which talks to the Titanium SDK. The Titanium SDK built with native libraries specific to the platform will create the native components that are initiated by the application. The result of which true native controls on the screen. The controls resemble native as it is one. The underlying code in the SDK is there for creating it. Since JavaScript will be compiled with the app, the initial size of the application would be higher when compared to the one developed in native. However, the performance is not compromised.

Features of Framework 

The framework is loaded with exciting features, which is why it has become one of the most preferred frameworks. 

  1. Enabled with JavaScript SDK: This open-source platform is embedded with JavaScript SDK, which aids developers in building functional-rich applications.
  2. Entails Trending Web Technology: It utilizes web technologies that are both trendy and powerful, including AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.
  3. Supports Multiple Platforms: Titanium has exclusive features that can be used to deploy applications without compatibility issues on various devices such as tablets, desktop, and mobiles.
  4. Ensures Native Support: This framework comes with platform-independent API that ensures full access for native-supporting features. In addition to that, there is Hyperloop that gives direct access to the native APIs. Titanium SDK already covers plenty of the native APIs and makes them cross-platform addressing the most popular APIs. Hyperloop is present to access even the most obscure APIs out there. 

Advantages of Appcelerator App Development

  1. Easy to Learn and Deploy: It’s not mandatory to know the native language to develop an application in Titanium. It’s much preferred for web developers as JavaScript being primary language for development.
  2. Ease of Maintenance: Considering from an enterprise application perspective, developing an application in native requires native language skills (Objective C/Swift for IOS and Java/Kotlin for Android) to develop and maintain applications. Which means dedicated resources for dedicated platforms. Using Appcelerator Titanium (as matter of fact any Hybrid/Cross platforms) saves resource maintenance cost to the Business. 
  3. Easily Available: Appcelerator Titanium framework is free and open-sourced, so it is readily accessible to developers. However, there are some paid features that provide more value like App designer which is available in pro and enterprise version. 
  4. Easy-to-Access Native Features: Appcelerator framework comes with a platform-independent API that can make applications feature-rich because it can access advanced features such as touchscreens, cameras, GPS, navigation, contacts, storage, and much more.
  5. Simplified Coding Structure:  Because it supports HTML5 and other robust web technologies, developers can build apps that are compatible with iOS, Android and other powerful platforms. In short, there is no need to code one application multiple times for different platforms.
  6. Excellent performance: The Titanium framework is packed with various functional entities that will deliver a high-performance application.
  7. Deliver Quick Prototype: It comes with an integrated environment that will help developers build quick prototypes with a mere drag and drop of controls, so they can get the application to the user in no time and get feedback as quickly as possible.

The Titanium framework offers a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective application development capabilities. It has opened many options to build world-class apps on any business and well as social domain.