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  • Lightning Speed Migration using AVAMIGRATRON

Lightning speed migration! How’ll that be? Here is an instance, we have migrated 2TB of data in 3 Weeks for one of our client. A challenging deadline which was a dream come true for us. It gives a great fulfillment when you work to surpass your benchmarks. Every time you do, it reflects in the form of repeat customer and great customer satisfaction.

The experience and expertise which we gathered from our 300+ successful on time migrations are evident to show the performance of the AVAMIGRATRON tool. The migration process has evolved continuously over a period to help us shape up AVAMIGRATRON tool. While developing AVAMIGRATRON the prime focus for us is on the performance capability of the tool. We understand that a sophisticated migration tool must have an extended capability of running the migration not just on a single machine but in a distributed environment.

Working with various clients across the world gave some unique experience which pushed us to improvise the migration process in the tool. Our AVAMIGRATRON R&D team is working firmly in bringing up wide distributed migration without compromising on the performance and quality of the tool. Running migration in a distributed environment in parallel ensures rapid migration of huge data without any data loss.

Some of our clients like Anexinet, Hill internationals have cherished working with us for promptly migrating their existing sites. They have experienced hassle free migration without any downtime in their production sites which has reflected in their customer's delight.

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