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  • 5 Reasons to use AVASOFT Migration Service

Enterprise around the world are awakening to the power of cloud so they are making a strategic decision to move their collaboration portals to cloud. Expecting this technology change, AVASOFT came up with an indigenous tool AVAMIGRATRON which has the capability to migrate your contents from IBM connections, SharePoint to SharePoint Online. We’ve put together a list of top five reasons of why you’d be wining if you migrate using AVAMIGRATRON tool.

  1. Quicker: Organizations usually decide on a new content tool while trying to renew their existing product license. Understanding the criticality of their business we migrate the data from their current environment to SharePoint rapidly without any production down time. Through proper preplanning we’d mitigate all the risks in the pre-migration phase to ensure complete hassle free migration. We’ve an excellent track record of migrating huge volume of content through our distributed migration technique.
  2. Cost Effective: The client can directly run the migration using our AVAMIGRATRON tool. If needed we’d provide migration as a service to help client in migrating the existing data to new SharePoint environment in a short span of time. Migration as a service is run by migration experts with a defined process ensuing the best of cost and service. The cost of migration is dependent on the size of source data to be migrated.  
  3. Content Protection: AVAMIGRATRON is a tool which has evolved out of a process maturity. The tool is robustly tested to ensure complete quality with no data loss. The tool holds the first level of verification in the form of inventory. Through AVAMIGRATRON all the data and user details from the source system is completely migrated to SharePoint system without any data loss. 
  4. Simplified Migration: We’ve planned our tool very carefully to ensure that it is highly collaborative. Most of the clients would like to migrate the contents on their own due to security reasons. The tool is completely user friendly to ensure clients to migrate the data on their own with very less training being involved.
  5. Preserving User, Date Stamp and Version: AVAMIGRATRON will preserve all the user information, date stamp and versions of content during migration process. 

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