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  • MSBI in the Business Intelligence World

The importance of BI is globally accepted. The business makes use of BI to analyse the existing data to project the future business trends so as to easily adapt to the changing scenarios. Professionals have now started realizing that their business has to be more analytics driven to be more successful. Of all the Business Intelligence solutions available today Microsoft BI stands as the most reliable option. MSBI is a complete solution to design and develop high-performance data integration & analysis solutions. With the combination of Visual Studio and SQL helps in taking great business decisions. The Microsoft BI stack comprises of three tools for accomplishing various tasks

1. SSIS – “SQL Server Integration Services” – ETL Tool

  1. Automate repetitive admin tasks like Data backup, incremental data loading etc.
  2. Integration and migration of data with the legacy system.
  3. Rich graphical tools to build and debug packages.
  4. Automate data extraction. Transform OLTP to Data Warehouse and Data Marts.

2. SSRS – “SQL Server Reporting System” – Design, Develop, Deploy and Maintain different reports

  1. Supports multi-dimensional data sources.
  2. Hassle free integration with Microsoft’s ASP.Net and SharePoint.
  3. Ability to create complex reports helping in taking critical business decisions.
  4. Complete Web enabled admin controls for easy access.
  5. Advanced “Report builder” capability to reduce IT worker groups.

3. SSAS – “SQL Server Analysis Service” – Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

  1. High Performance at various security levels.
  2. Productive data mining of patterns, trends, relations etc. within the data.
  3. Build multi-dimensional cubes for storing pre-calculated complex business aggregations.

MSBI has many business benefits over other Business Intelligence solutions like

  1. Easy data exploration and visualization
  2. Managed Self-service BI
  3. Advanced dashboards, scorecards, and guided navigations.
  4. Full use of native MS Excel features
  5. Complete support to DotNet and other web services for easy integration.
  6. Comprehensive Data Warehouse application.
  7. Complete end to end business solution.


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