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Why do I need to upgrade my QlikView 11?

Qlik announced that they are going to stop the support for QlikView 11 by Dec 2017. This means that if you are using QlikView 11, you should start to plan for your upgrade to QlikView 12.

What does Qlikview12 bring to the table?

1. Advanced QIX engine

QlikView 12 runs on second generation QIX engine. This is the same engine which powers Qlik Sense and Qlik Analytics Platform. The advanced QIX engine ensures improved performance and easy sharing of data models with QlikView and Qlik Sense. We are future proofing QlikView allowing for future investments in our core engine technology around performance, security, and connectivity to benefit all QlikView products.

2. Enhanced Security

The security of the entire QlikView 12 is ensured through stronger encryption handling and more robust centralized client request handling and XML parsing. These upgrade will allow QlikView 12 to keep on par with the evolving security best practices and cryptographic standards in the industry. This QlikView 12 helps meet the highest level of security requirements for companies and government/military organizations. 

3. Extension to Mobile Devices 

Better collaboration and exploration capabilities are established through the advanced QlikView web clients. Additional menu options, improvised touch gesture, and refined selection model are some of the other features. Users of hybrid devices can now switch between mouse, pen, and touch inputs without having to refresh applications manually.

4. Improved clustering

Improved clustering results in the increase of scalability, supporting higher numbers of concurrent users in multi-node environments. QlikView 12 efficiently accesses and communicates with shared files and other meta-files. This leads to peak performance ensuring a higher rate of new users per hour on a three-node deployment.

5. RESTful API connector

RESTful API connector allows QlikView to connect to web based data sources like Social Media sites(e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), CMS systems (e.g., Alfresco, Documentum, Adobe), and other online applications. This connector enables QlikView to connect to web based data without relying on any third party vendors or extensions.

6. Qlik DataMarket

Qlik DataMarket allows users to easily augment their internal analyses with external data (e.g., weather, currency, demographics). This makes them easy to understand the external factors that affect the business. Qlik DataMarket is available as a service directly within QlikView. It provides a comprehensive library of both free and subscription-based data sources from trusted providers. These data sources are around topic areas such as business demographics, currencies, population, economic indicators, weather, etc.

What should be my starting point?

Your upgrade can go complex if you are to deal with NPrinting, custom authentication, or anything else custom in the mix. As we find that most clients do some customizations on top of the OOTB feature. To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend having a detailed migration strategy and plan. Starting it ahead will save your time and bugs.  

Tips to Upgrade from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12

Do one round of full regression testing in your QlikView 12 to ensure that your apps work as intended in the new QIX engine. We suggest to reload all apps and validate the functionality of Macros, extensions, triggers, and connectors (like the REST or web connectors) in the test environment before moving to production. If in case something fails in the prod ensure you have a quick roll back strategy in place. Below are other tips

  • In QlikView 12, file functions have to be changed to respective directory functions. QlikView 11 Script will not work in QlikView 12.
  • You need to turn on the global settings to allow all “EXECUTE” statements to pass. QlikView 12 in default, disallows all “EXECUTE” statement.
  • Re-specify your server profile as an upgrade from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12 involves uninstalling.
  • You shouldn’t install QlikView 11.20 and QlikView 12 in the same desktop as two version of the software existing in the same machine might cause an issue.
  • If you have a performance slog in QlikView 12, Qlik provides a patch that can be downloaded from the Qlik Support portal. This would boost up the performance of the new QlikView 12 machine.


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