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  • Think Free Next-Gen Data Visualization Tool: Think Qlik Sense Desktop from Qlik

Qlik Sense Desktop is one of the prominent discoveries of Qlik, which is an established named in data discovery domain. Qlik Sense Desktop is a free version of its next-generation data visualization application, delivering a simple drag-and-drop interface for business customers to swiftly build reports, interactive visualizations, and dashboards. It is the first commercially available release made by QlikView. 

Qlik Sense Desktop offers a self-explanatory drag-and-drop user experience for exploration, data visualization and storytelling capabilities in a standalone, installed Windows client. It permits the assembly and navigation of visualization apps, which could be saved as local files ready to be opened and shared by various users. For the beginners, the advantage of getting started with the process gets initiated either with simple dragging of an excel document into the application or by tapping into multiple data sources that are used within the business. Qlik Sense Desktop is free for both business and personal use with unlimited app creation advantage and unrestricted file sharing. 

The Qlik Sense offering that was launched in September 2014, was server-based and enabled server-side development from any device, custom development, flexible mobile use, data integration and collaboration and sharing. It is also empowered with facilities like data and application governance, key enterprise capabilities and data security. All of the Qlik Sense offerings index the data allowing users to instantly plunge into visualizing and exploring data.

Few of the excellent capabilities that are owned by Qlik Sense are discussed below:

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard creation: This can be put into place in minutes for building or extending the visual analysis.
  • Multiple data sources: Multiple data sources can be easily brought into the Qlik Sense app from simple Excel files to ODBC accessible databases.
  • Smart Search: Can be executed by just typing either numbers or words to start the analysis of the complete dataset.
  • Explore, associate, and combine information: In other products, it is impossible to explore, associate and combine information in new ways without starting over to create a new visualization. After getting empowered by the Qlik data indexing engine and associative experience, users can vigorously explore and ask any question.
  • Data Storytelling: This feature enables capturing insights and sharing at a point in time in presentation format. Enabled with features like adding of narrative and commentary, users have the access to directly drill down to Qlik Sense data from the presentation for replying to questions on the fly. 
  • Intuitive Smart Visualizations: This feature enables in offering cues for helping beginners to discover patterns by dynamically highlighting and updating new associations and information.

Apart from offering Qlik Sense for executing interactive visualization, Qlik would continue with QlikView, its successful platform in order to offer application development, which would enable analysts, with minimum development expertise, to build and publish powerful analytical applications.  With the inception of QlikView, BI could come out of back-office and make a place for itself in the business front line, as the analysts were successful in creating effective guided analytics for each possible business process. It has become possible to address the prevalent desire for rapid data visualization, visual reporting and dashboards with Qlik Sense and the blend provides businesses with broader access to data visualization and discovery. This, in turn, could be leveraged for improving both bottom and top line results for any company. 

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