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  • Robotic Process Automation A Nutshell

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is an evolving technology in the tech domain possessing the potential to revolutionize offices across the globe. The software robots created with this technology have the capability of handling routine clerical tasks in a much faster way, which, at present is being taken care majorly by office workers. This leaves a note of worry for many workers that may be the inception of RPA is going to be the reason for the impending doom on their jobs. This is perhaps one of the biggest myths that need to be eradicated. RPA’s work is to free the staffs from the mundane clerical job processes so that most of their valuable time gets diverted into a creative output and attention can be focused on customer interaction for the betterment of business prospects. Staffs can save almost 40% of their time and dedicate it focusing on other priorities. RPA statistics reveal that almost 55% of executives plan to use RPA in the coming days resulting in freeing of almost 30% staffs.

At AVASOFT, we have adopted the RPA technology and have successfully rolled it in the employee onboarding process aiding the company HR department. Prior to the incorporation of RPA, manual onboarding process was being followed by the company employees that not only was exhaustive but was time-consuming and included involvement of multiple employees across various departments making the process even more cumbersome. The process, in a nutshell, gets commenced by the submission of form by an employee after which the HR has to verify the employee details with the available proofs followed by requesting to the IT team for AD account creation. After the IT team adds users in the AD, their responsibility lies in creating mail ids in Office 365 followed by confirmation mail being sent to the HR post which they can onboard the users in the Employee Management Portal. This process, as it indicates, is quite lengthy and exhaustive and often leaves communication-noise.

With the RPA shift, the work not only has been automated, but errors and time have reduced significantly. It delivers an ROI of over 300%. The process flow starts with the employee submitting the form, which is perhaps the only common step involved when compared to the manual process, a post which the BOT picks the request, verifies with available proofs and creates the account. BOT then starts adding users in AD followed by creating mail ids in Office 365 and also sends the confirmation mail to both the HR and the IT department, which makes the employee onboarding in Employee Management portal much faster and hassle-free. Post this, the BOT sends an email to HR, IT department and also the employee simultaneously stating the current status and in case of any exception, the notification mail gets delivered to the concerned contacts as well.

The RPA technology has immensely proven advantageous to AVASOFT as the HR department along with the IT resources have been freed of the manual repeatable tasks and they have been focusing more on issues that genuinely need human intervention. The process that earlier took almost 24 hours to get completed is curtailed down to under two minutes, thus saving time, resource and ensuring that the business aspect of the company is left unperturbed.