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"The present technological scenario witnesses both business and applications being widely structured on web-based systems. Informative that populates these systems is dense and demands extensive processing. Considering the present day technological advancements, it has become quite mandatory for the businesses to be aware and have the latest, accurate information at their fingertips. Present market scenario demands businesses to have updated information infrastructure. Here at AVASOFT, we offer automation services in all technological domains. "

Automating the Web: The Need of the Hour

Most of the tasks involved in businesses are repetitive, tedious and consume both time and money. This exact pain point is taken care by web automation. The widely used tasks like form filling, data extraction, screen scrapping transfer between applications and periodical report generation are hugely benefitted by web automation.  

It has been noticed that majority clients request for the feature where Data entry is based on Excel spreadsheets or CSV files. The reason for this is the majority of tasks gets done by using only the wizards, without the involvement of any programming.

Refurbishing the Traditional: Automating the Desktop

Linking Processes and Applications - Instances, like copying few fields from an application and mere pasting them into another application or importing sales data from an Excel spreadsheet to fill up an online form, is really time-consuming, error-prone and tedious as well. It’s high time to automate these processes. The major question that arises at this juncture and needs attention is doubting the need of automating rule-based tasks but to hover over the fact that what it takes for the automation to be executed. 

Automating the Champion: Excel 

Challenges of Unautomated Excel - Excel software has been all time favorite among users as a champion software when it comes to storing, organizing and manipulating data. It is quite venerable, could undergo change and become more productive than it already is post automation. Excel is generally known to be a user-friendly, accessible and popular software. Despite these facts, it often is discovered that the software isn’t always user-friendly can at times prove to be very time-consuming and hard to integrate with other applications. 

For example, the established way to automate tasks in Excel requires training for users to become proficient in Visual Basic for Excel Macros. Today’s working environment is multi-application focused, with data constantly being transferred between applications. Migrating and integrating data into platforms can, therefore, become troublesome, even when the users work with applications that can import and export files. This happens because information can get mixed up or lost in the process, forcing you to waste precious time by repeating the steps each time you sync the data.

Automating AS400\Mainframe

Mainframes: The Trusted Name of IT Logic - Mainframes continue to play a strategic role in the IT logic of most of the organizations till date. They act as efficient data storage system and reliable workhorses for complex processing. The current prevailing business scenario demands integration of mainframes with new applications and architectures. The main idea behind the challenge is to unlock the data that is stored in the existing mainframes to lead them to respond to new demands. The entire cycle is executed without having to reinvent the system. 

Information at Your Finger Tips with Automated SAP

SAP: The Information Directory for Users - SAP automation has become the call of the day for every business enterprise. This ensures laying of the solid foundation, much-needed criteria for conducting business. The importance of SAP software is increasing considering the ever-changing trends of business nature.  Error-filled databases or inaccurate information are already a matter of past for the top-notch corporations. Business updated with SAP automation, offered by AVASOFT helps users to stay competitive in an ever-changing world. 

Automating Citrix

Most of the applications in the present days are being published via Citrix. A Citrix server basically sends screenshots of live applications running on the Citrix server back to the client, which makes it restricted for foreign users to get access to the logical elements making up the user interface. At AVASOFT, engineers have been instrumental in executing image recognition. Added to it, the text is also sent back to the client via the shared clipboard or by using on-screen OCR (optical character recognition). It is also to be noted that despite the inherent difficulties of automating Citrix, users can still use the integrated recorder to achieve maximum productivity. Matter of fact is, it takes the same amount of time for building an integration involving Citrix that is taken to automate a regular desktop application. 

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