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Content Migration can be considered as a tactical activity and carry it out manually is a time consuming, expensive and labor-intensive approach. Organizations can cut down drastically on total time and cost incurred for migration if the process is done with the help of frameworks, which are highly structured and flexible tools used in order to provide the customers with a cost-effective and automated solution. 

When we use framework for migration, we are vested with the liberty of customizing them based on the proprietary structure in source and proprietary structure in the target. This would result in offering flexibility and clarity in understanding various factors involved during the process. We get to know clearly about the size of data that is ready to be migrated. 

The type of content that needs to be migrated gets specified and it is easy to get an idea about the elapsed time for migration.  Automated migration allows masking of content based on target structure. The right content to be migrated can be easily selected and the unwanted ones are segregated and left out. All metadata properties associated with the content such as users, date, time etc. can be retained as in the original. Automated migration also helps customization depending on business needs and target system needs. The custom reports can be built depending on the existing needs. 

There are diverse business benefits to organizations involved in the content migration using the framework. 

Saving of Time: Automated migration/Content Migration using Framework ensures saving of time to a great extent. The deployment time is quick and management of content becomes much easier. 

Accuracy and Efficiency: Content Migration using Frameworks results in a major increase in accuracy with no data loss. This minimizes the need for costly manual migration and reduces operational, maintenance and system management costs. 

All the above-discussed points aptly justify the need to automate migration using highly efficient and technical tool like AVAMIGRATRON that can migrate voluminous data from IBM Connections to SharePoint in unbelievably less time. 

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