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  • Are You Curious to Know: What's New in SharePoint 2019

The launch news of the upcoming Share Point 2019 was the most awaited announcement at the 2017 Microsoft Ignite conference, when announcements were made about the new version and the incredible features that SharePoint would come equipped with. Buzz is, the preview of the same would be available for the masses in mid of 2018 but it is also assumed that many of the new features and announcements would be available much earlier. No fixed date has been decided yet for the release.

The top new features have already created excitements among SharePoint fans. Let us browse through some of the new features:

The Admin center of SharePoint has undergone total revamp and given a new look. Now the users can view dynamic feature notification from both OneDrive and SharePoint pertaining to information related to active sites whose data can be filtered, about service health and activities that are related to file. Worried about the sites that got deleted and wondering ways of recovery? With the Recover Bin feature, users can easily facilitate the deleted sites. Some more features that are included are sharing controls and device policy controls for compliance, data leakage and conditional access.

SharePoint and OneDrive are based on the same lines of technology. In other words the only difference between the two lies in the nature of my content “versus “our content”. With the advent of this work and share together, the lines are expected to get all the more blurred. After the upgradation, it would be much easier to share, be it information, content or apps.

SharePoint’s “Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365” would mean better compliance capabilities. Policies can be applied based on the user location from where the content is accessed. Options would become open for the organizations to choose the regional location for storage of data and search index. The enhanced migration tool would ensure seamless movement of shared files, document libraries etc. from the server sites to cloud.

Now you can easily organize related sites with the hub sites. This particular feature would create a cohesive way for managing search and activity among the sites that stand similar and this exciting feature would see the face of dawn in the start of 2018. Hub sites would function as powerful tools for knowledge sharing.

The SharePoint Mobile App is also undergoing revamp and with the new changes incorporated, users can easily access their needed content while on the go. Mobile navigating experience would become visually presentable as the sites would be designed such as to fit the mobile screens with properly tuned layouts. The revamped mobile app would extend the required feed of the relevant news items and pages of the respective users so that they won’t miss out on anything. Now users would be able to view all the accessed sites, which would be easily fitting into their phones and also would be worth reading. They would also have the option of bookmarking any page in case they do not wish to read it at the moment of navigation. All that has to be done is to visit the new “Me” tab in order to view exactly what is the page that needs revisiting.

Security of data would be given a major revamp in the SharePoint 2019 version. It would be launched with the feature of “service level encryption with customer key”. The major advantage that an organization would be drawing out of this feature is choice of revoking keys for blocking entire access to content that are considered to be sensitive. For this, the content first needs to be classified and once that gets done, the user can go ahead and implement this feature. The integration of this feature with Office 365 signifies spontaneous signing of a session once the ongoing one remains idle for a set time period. One of the feature that is awaiting its first look by the end of 2017 is the “personalized search”, with much faster search features.

SharePoint 2019 will be released with bouquet of new and advanced features and to name few of the prominent ones are launching Flows in OneDrive, using customized forms and PowerApps. The migration tool featured for automation of migration process to Office 365 would be capable of moving files from SharePoint libraries and file servers, the process being a way more efficient one than what it was before.

There would be various new web parts in SharePoint 2019 for its users. You can now view your PLANNER items from the same page instead of having the need of switching from one app to the other. With Microsoft forms you can create surveys that would be directly visible on your respective pages. The work you perform now can be shared with your colleagues via Activity Web Part. While working on any current page you can now interact with 3D models with the 3D file viewer web part. There has been announcement from Microsoft about launching of metadata management capabilities, which would be available for the SharePoint online users. The Yammer web part feature would undergo revamp for improved conversations and communications.

SharePoint at the core has a collection of useful lists and Microsoft is all set to improve those lists in their updated version. Users would now be able to put Bing Maps and PowerBI in their list view forms and additionally they can even interact with them. Making data color coded based on value has not considered to be an easy task so far by the developers. The new look offers relief in this scenario by introducing the no-code column formatting feature. One more vital welcome change extending immense relief to the users is the “no more paging” update in SharePoint 2019. As the users would scroll their list, they would keep getting the content on a continuous basis without having the need to switch over the pages. This won’t be confined to smaller works and thus would be applicable for gigantic lists due to the performance increases they were able to attain with Azure.