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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - The Future is Now!

Robotic Process Automation is a term, which when people come across, think is something mainly for future use and application. This is a myth and the reality is that RPA technology, which is almost more than a decade old, is being used extensively and BOTS are actively functioning for the past six to seven years. The usual day-to-day tasks referred...

Mobile EDI: Know the Potentials

Mobile EDI solutions are in the nascent stage and have potential to become a key instrument in the prevalent usage of Electronic Data Interchange in full power. Mobile EDI can be picturized as an era that is emerging and constantly developing to enable a successful exchange of EDI documents via mobile devices. There had been arguments and discussio...

Serverless Functionality by Non-Coders: Powered by Microsoft Logic Apps

Are you a non-coder but want to access serverless functionality, but wondering how to go about it? You have landed up yourself into the correct article, which would help you gain knowledge on how to find a solution for your existing doubt. The recent technological advancement evidences new set of tools that permits non-coders the freedom ...

Robotic Process Automation A Nutshell

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is an evolving technology in the tech domain possessing the potential to revolutionize offices across the globe. The software robots created with this technology have the capability of handling routine clerical tasks in a much faster way, which, at present is being taken care majorly by office workers. This leaves ...

Want to Uplift Your Business? Read the 6 Ways How Tableau Helps

The world we live in is becoming increasingly digital, starting from smartphones to smart refrigerators. In this scenario, there is nothing much that can be done in order to either create or collect data.  In almost all daily activities that we indulge into, there is data associated with it in the present days like logging runs through fitness...

VR and AR to Double Each Year Through 2021: The Report

A Recent forecast from International Data Corp (IDC) reflects global spending on augmented reality and virtual reality to get doubled, at a minimum, every year through 2021. It is forecasted by IDC that the total spending on products and services in the category will increase and touch $215 billion in 2021 from the present figure of $11.4 billion a...

All You Want to Know About Logic Apps A Nutshell

We all have often come across the term Logic Apps while dealing in the cloud computing domain. The prime idea that is behind the usage of Logic Apps is to proceed from development to the production level in very few, uncomplicated and reproducible steps. Logic Apps is one of the products that Azure offer to its users.  Let us break it in a sim...

Components of Logic Apps

Logic Apps as we know are a managed service that offers a way to streamline and execute scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. It is the Azure Integration platform as a server solution from Microsoft. Automation and modeling of client’s process are done by the visual designer by using Logic Apps. The main aim behind Logic Apps is a...

Single Sign-On at a Glance

Organizations are continuously increasing the number of applications that are used within their network. Through SaaS based solutions, it is very critical that employees have the assurance that they can use one identity for gaining secure access to the applications and various other resources that are into use. The entire process of accessing much ...

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