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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): A 360° Approach

Robotic Process Automation is hitting the headlines as the foremost contender in the chase to accelerate business processes, eliminate errors and cut-down on operational costs. If we go by traditional definition, then RPA can be explained as the capability that allows humans to transact in any IT application or website or to automate complex monoto...

Configuring HTTP web service in SI to GET files

Steps to configure the HTTP web service in Sterling Integrator to GET files: 1. Login to Sterling Integrator and go to Deployment > Web Services > Manager> Click “Go” on Create a Web Service Configuration 2. Give a name for the web service, description about it and click “Next”   3. Make sure the SOAP Tr...

Monitoring DB Growth and Clean-up process in Sterling Integrator

Introduction: Monitoring the DB usage and growth was essential in the sterling integrator. We can maintain our server in a healthy condition. If we ignore this monitoring and cleanup process then it leads to lower performance and server downs The Topics we are going to see for DB Growth: Monitoring the Database Usage UI trouble-shooter screens Cle...

Enabling the multi-language option in an EDI-X12 file Using Envelopes in SI

Introduction: To enable the multi-language characters in Sterling map, we are using the encoding option in X12 envelope on SI. If we failed to configure this, the junk characters will appear in the output instead of the actual characters from the input. Steps to configure the envelope to accept the multiple languages: Go to Trading Partner > Doc...

How to set output of SI Map to Primary document using envelope services in BP

We can set the output of SI Map to primary document using envelope service in the Business process. Mentioned below are the envelope services. X12 Envelope service – X12 files EDIFACT Envelope service – EDIFACT files Steps to set the output of map translation through envelope as a primary document: Mentioned below are the envelope ser...

How to insert the values from SI code list in to map

We use the code list in SI to retrieve the value from DB and assign the retrieved value to the output variable. A trading partner code list consists of one or many pairs of code values containing a sender code and a receiver code. Each code pair has one description and up to nine additional codes relating to the pair. Code lists are dynamic and are...

Are You Curious to Know: What's New in SharePoint 2019

The launch news of the upcoming Share Point 2019 was the most awaited announcement at the 2017 Microsoft Ignite conference, when announcements were made about the new version and the incredible features that SharePoint would come equipped with. Buzz is, the preview of the same would be available for the masses in mid of 2018 but it is also assumed ...

Content Migration using Frameworks

Content Migration can be considered as a tactical activity and carry it out manually is a time consuming, expensive and labor-intensive approach. Organizations can cut down drastically on total time and cost incurred for migration if the process is done with the help of frameworks, which are highly structured and flexible tools used in order to pro...

Why You Should Say NO to Manual Migration?

Content Migration is a point of concern for any organization who wish to update their content. Irrespective of the circumstances on which the migration depends, the first step that needs to be taken is the clear understanding of the extent of any company’s content migration project, which would ensure the timely completion of the migration an...

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