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Why is it high time to migrate to Dynamics 365?

Change is inevitable it perfectly fits for software and technology. Many a time people are attracted to new features, capabilities, extended support urging them to move to the latest technology available in the market. At times the migration happens to the latest release of the same tool which will most probably be supported by a utility. This util...

Why SharePoint Online is a preferred intranet for enterprises having IBM Connection

Intranet has grown beyond to serve the purpose of solving both the social and collaborative work needs of the employees. Corporates now feel it very difficult to bring-in complete attention and involvement of the employees to the intranet portal. Legacy systems like Lotus Notes, IBM Connections, GSuite, Orgsync etc didn’t grow up along with t...

Advantage of Flat SharePoint Site Architecture

Microsoft recommends maintaining a flat architecture when you plan for your SharePoint application. Having multiple child level subsites will make your site structure complex. In this article, I am about to explain to you why do I prefer to create site collections instead of maintaining sites as Subsites under an existing site collection. Governanc...

Is Microsoft Flow Matured to let go SP designer workflow?

In the recent months, we have our customers constantly asking about the future direction of SharePoint workflow. The answer, however, depends from enterprise to enterprise, based on their needs and the choices available now. Picking a right option is important and must be in line with the corporates’ needs. Microsoft states, “Microsoft ...

Is Modern sites a right option to migrate all Classic sites

Modern sites are advancements in SharePoint to improve User Experiences in Web, Mobiles and provide a “modern experience”. Modern Experience is obtained by Sites, Lists, Library experience and pages. Existing classic sites has a provision to be viewed as Modern. However, it is only limited to list and libraries. So, for any new corporat...

Migrating Large and Complex Descriptions from IBM Connections to SharePoint

We ensure maximization of “Office 365/ SharePoint On-Premises” investments made by Customers. As a part of this exercise, our Migration team constantly pushes its boundary to make their product suite better. One such experience is as follows. Our migration teams at times witness intricate scenarios, due to multifarious ways of Contents ...

Web Parts Gadgets in Enterprise Content Management

Gadgets in Enterprise Content It has been witnessed that for quite some time pages in enterprise content have started using an increased number of gadgets. This has helped business users to quickly create a page on the site/Community. In this article, we are trying to present an overview of Gadgets that are offered by Google and Microsoft. In addit...

Seemless Salesforce Integration made easy

Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. With more organizations getting on-boarded to consume Salesforce services, including sales, service, marketing, analytics and mobile apps, there is ever-growing need to integrate with other core systems within an organization’s IT landsca...

Ways to improve user adoption of SharePoint Intranet

Many corporates struggle to get proper ROI on their SharePoint investment due to the reduced number of user adoption to SharePoint. Poor designing is one of the major for this drop. Below are some simple steps which you can perform to identify design related issues Monitor SharePoint: Analyse your SharePoint to identify the most annoying heavy pag...

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