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Let's Start your Migration from IBM Gentran to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

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IBM Gentran to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Migration

Why should you move from Gentran to Sterling B2B integrator?


Managed File Transfer

Sterling File Gateway handles high-frequency messages, huge volumes of real-time data, heavy load file transfers, etc. yet transits data in a managed way leveraging the power of B2B integration.


Content-based Processing

Since Sterling File Gateway follows a data-driven approach, business messages are routed to the right target application and it allows subsequent processing of the data.


Proxy/perimeter Security

Using a perimeter server with Sterling File Gateway, you can manage the communications flow between your secured internal network and the outer layers of your network since it acts as an extra security layer.

Cluster processing

Cluster Processing

Installing Sterling B2B Integrator in a clustered environment can enhance load balancing and failover activities by using perimeter servers.


Process and Security Auditing

Based on the security settings for a user, you can create customized security and enable user-based routing within a process.

Service Groups

Service Groups

When one of the services in the service group is busy/disabled, another service picks up the business process and begins processing.

Our Migration Capabilities

During the assessment phase in our migration lab, we run the inventory process to identify active/inactive and used/abandoned artifacts such as maps, schedules, business processes, etc. and figure out dependencies across those artifacts.

We slice and dice the inventory data from the assessment phase and prepare a list of the artifacts that were predominantly used in the last couple of months and best suggest which ones can be migrated.

Sterling Integrator supports all features that Gentran has and also houses many other additional features. All integration modules, libraries, and artifacts such as maps, schedules, etc. are created in the Sterling Integrator and mapping is done replicating the Gentran settings.

Upgrade Scenarios


Upgrade your OS before B2BI

We highly recommend to eliminate the incompatible OS and configure the B2B integrator in the new OS


Compatible OS and DB

Upgrade is straight forward if compatible OS and DB are used. Data is exported, stored/backed up in the database, and B2B Integrator upgrade is performed


Upgrade incompatible Database

If the Database is incompatible with the new B2BI version, upgrade your DB

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