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SharePoint intranet portal complete workspace tool

Based on evolving business trends and changing customer needs, employee’s working patterns have changed. To support potential growth, intranet portals should not only be a place to share enterprise proprietary information but evolve as a modern workspace tool kit that can enable consistent communication between employees. Additionally, it should provide a common knowledge base that can be used to store and access crucial content at any point in time. 

Since businesses are unique in their own way, intranet portals are identical. Organizations witness heavy team-based work and require document sharing among employees. 

Microsoft’s SharePoint intranet portals have evolved into robust business networking tools that work as a normal website but enhance existing communication in organizations. SharePoint portals have become an integral part of many organizations nowadays. 

We can help you build intranet solutions tailored to your needs that can enable your employees to connect and work collaboratively. 

Microsoft’s SharePoint comprises of many services such as enterprise intranets, extranets, and content management system. We have developed several add-ons, web parts and other enhancements on Microsoft SharePoint 2007,2010, 2013 and 2019 versions to design intranet portals that can deliver seamless communication. Moreover, the recent SharePoint 2019 built on SPFx framework enables better scalability and adaptability. 

Some of the key benefits of our SharePoint intranet portals:

1. Complete workspace tool

Your employees are exposed to many digital platforms that offer a great user experience. Designing an intranet portal with attractive features and simple user experience that is compatible with the existing digital landscape can be value-delivering. SharePoint comes packed with many intuitive features that can serve multiple purposes such as announcements, documents sharing, and more. Apart from many advanced functionalities that are available in SharePoint, We can design a complete workspace tool kit based on an organization’s structure and taxonomy using the SPFx framework. 

2. Effective Communication and Collaboration

Advanced features and easy to use user experience can enable consistent communication between employees. Moreover, teams within organizations can collaboratively work on specific tasks and engage productively with others in the team. Communication can be even from HR/finance/company-wide news and when simplified, can be more value-delivering.

3. Efficient Document Management

SharePoint is a great content and document management system and it is very crucial within teams and departments. Lots of documents can be lost in mailboxes and sometimes require follow-ups that typically waste a potential amount of time. Moreover, when employees work with their own version of documents stored in their personal devices may not deliver the desired document at the right time. Hence, SharePoint can be used to store any number of documents by different teams in an organization that can be used by other teams in the future or multiple employees can work on the documents. 

4. Mobile productivity

SharePoint portals can be optimized to support mobile features and hence, can allow employees to stay connected without having to be actually present in the office. Moreover, work can come across at any time and without any boundaries, employees should be able to access and share documents. Mobile-friendly solutions can enable employees to work and make decisions on the go.

5. Go for Social

Enabling employees from different locations and regions to discuss a topic on the same page using Yammer discussion boards can increase inter-organizational engagement. Since it’s a publicly accessed platform, employees can have complete transparency over a certain topic. Additionally, by bringing in the concept of social media to intranet portals can enable employees to share content and discuss with their peers that they come across. It can be a great productive option by removing barriers to switching between applications to share content. 

"We can deploy great intranet portal designs that will influence employees to collaboratively work as a team. Additionally, custom web-parts and enhancements developed by our expert team can tailor make designs based on customer’s needs and generate more value for businesses".