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Hassle-free cloud project scaling and management solution

Collaborative Infrastructure Design

Collaborate with your teams and create cloud architecture with just a few clicks.  

  • Generate enterprise-grade terraform code on the go 
  • Single source of truth for a holistic view of the cloud projects 
  • Share your diagrams with your team and edit in real time 
Collaborative Infrastructure Design
Create your own design templates

Create your own design templates

Visually build your cloud architecture templates and convert them into reusable ones.  

  • Develop architecture diagrams instantly  
  • Use templates and repurpose the approved workflows 
  • Visualize your designs and apply new principles 

Architecture to Code or Code to Architecture

Import your existing designs and generate valid terraform code or vice versa 

  • Generate valid terraform codes 
  • Version every step of your work and view when in need 
  • Leverage modules and variables catalog to scale faster 
Architecture to Code or Code to Architecture
Deploy your infrastructure in minutes

Deploy your infrastructure in minutes

Creating a whole new infrastructure ecosystem and deploy in minutes 

  • Deploy in the cloud of your choice  
  • Plan, deploy, or destroy the infrastructure effortlessly 
  • Sync environment and eliminate cross-environment drift 

Source control management

Work independently and merge the changes back into the main codebase 

  • Commit generated terraform code in your desired source code management like Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps 
  • Collaborate and review each code to retain the standard 
  • Safely store and retrieve when needed 
Source control management
Track your architecture ‘Commit’ actions

Track your architecture ‘Commit’ actions

Record the timeline of the changes made to the architecture and document it for further use.

  • Log all the architecture commit actions to retrieve them in the future 
  • Define centrally controlled reusable values with variables in the terraform files 
  • Easily download the generated terraform code and use it remotely for other projects.  


Take your Infrastructure management to the next level and deliver cloud solutions with ease!

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