Operations Research Analyst

Posted 1 year ago

Job Description

In a consulting environment meet with IT and user management to identify requirements pertaining to the processing of data with the goal of improving operations. Generally gather, organize, evaluate and report recommendations to management. Participate in implementation of accepted recommendations.  Specifically, gather and organize meaningful data from various sources (e.g., databases, process flows, stakeholders and customer feedback).  Organize gathered data. Process mined data to understand the various flows involved in the existing business processes with the objective of identifying  opportunities to  improve processes and automate data flows.  Apply statistical and analytical methods and models to solve complex, data-driven business problems that will ultimately have a direct impact in business growth. Make recommendations to improve and standardize current data models to make them more accurate. Recommend solutions to optimize and standardize business processes and prioritize for automation. Collaborate across multiple teams involved in business intelligence and reporting.  Participate in planning implementation of recommendations. Identify problems in implementation and identify root causes. Prepare regular and on-demand business operations assessment reports. Generate (Return on Investment Reports (ROI) to reduce time to delivery to aide management strategic planning.

Requires a High School diploma and 3 years of experience.

Job Site: Must be willing to travel to various unanticipated jobsites within the U.S.


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