Whether you want marketing automation, data management, digital advertising, or any other thing, make your investments count with Salesforce marketing cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We help you make your brand stand out with our effective Marketing Cloud Implementation. Our unique Marketing Cloud setup, automation, and customizations enable you to engage with your audience, establish a brand presence, and personalize customer journeys, all from a single platform!

Understand Your Customers Better

Connect data from different sources and get a holistic view of your customers. Breakthrough your new audience segment by leveraging the Marketing cloud features.

Engage and Analyze

Leverage Marketing Cloud built-in tools and create custom reports. Integrate it with Google analytics 360 and measure your success with your ROI.

Get a 360-Degree View Of Your Customers

Connect all your data and engage with your customers more effectively and know your customers better than before.

Put Your Customers First In Your Marketing

Humanize every activity and inspire your customers to take action. Power up your marketing activities with AI-driven insights.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

We help you create an uninterrupted marketing experience that nurtures your audience in every stage of their customer journey!

Interaction Studio

Personalize your content and its responses based on your customer’s interests. Generate relevant and interactive content that will help you engage your customers.

Content Builder

Leverage the default templates and create magical content that will fetch you good results. You can customize them if needed and make them fit for your business needs.

Journey Builder

Let your prospects experience a structured customer journey that is powered by data and analytics. Make every stage count for every customer through Journey builder.

Social Studio

Monitor your company’s accounts on various social media pages like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and maximize social interactions.

Advertising Studio

Automate your ad campaigns, assess and optimize the campaign based on your customer history and grow your ROI at a faster pace.

Salesforce DMP

Gather all the information of your customer. Track their online presence and build customer intelligence that can help in leading effective campaigns.

Marketing Cloud CDP

Make data-driven decisions and enable high-performing teams. Accelerate growth with the Customer Data Platform and build your data foundation.


AVASOFT is a Salesforce Partner with proven expertise in Marketing Cloud Implementation. We have a pay-as-you-go model for all our on-demand services for Salesforce. This helps you get certified experts’ resources whenever you need them. We have worked with clients across various domains and we can confidently help you achieve exponential growth.

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Make your brand stand out with our effective marketing cloud setup and implementation!

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