SharePoint Intranet Portal for Food Store
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SharePoint story of a Retail client

Our client is a leading Food Stores headquartered in Pennsylvania and operates from 178 stores in and around the US. There are about 30,000 employees serving 2.3 million customers every week.

What challenges did they face?

Our Retail client was using a Google portal solution for more than 2 years and their employees experienced complex navigation and usability issues that further increased the complexity of the store operations process. Everyday users spent a lot of time navigating between different business applications and lost focus on work. Moreover, they deal with more than 1000 documents (and it keeps growing) that carry information about their company protocols, policies, principles and business elements that were neither maintained properly nor accessible at relevant times. Search was not robust and consumed too many productive hours to fetch a single document from the huge list. And, the intranet was mobile unresponsive and lacked many key things.

How did we cater to their needs?

We moved the client from a traditional approach to a more robust user and content-driven model using SharePoint intranet solution. Migrated all the content/documents from Google sites to SharePoint and created an interactive user experience by adding custom web parts to the home page and department's page. We created individual pages for different users based on their entitlement and automated their store operations process with simple and intuitive workflows. SharePoint intranets are mobile-responsive and we personalized some features for them to make the intranet more user-friendly and make use of it anytime.

Unique Offerings

Customized the site layout to add both OOTB and custom web parts
Personalized apps and features specific to their business requirements
Configured custom site themes and enabled different branding experience

Business Gains

  • Single-click navigation option saved golden time of store managers and other associates
  • Migration of content/documents to SharePoint eliminated the manual work hassle
  • Content-driven approach optimized search using single-click access to all the information
  • Store process automation resulted in higher production rates, efficient use of materials, better product quality, better workweeks for labor, and reduced factory lead times

Technology Stack

SharePont Intranet Portal | React JS
SharePont Intranet Portal | HTML5
SharePont Intranet Portal | SharePoint Online
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