Empower your sales team to be more productive, manage all your leads, contacts, and opportunities, and keep a track of your sales activities by leveraging Salesforce right in your pocket!

Why AVASOFT for your Sales Cloud?

Key Sales cloud features AVASOFT helps you leverage:

Effective Performance tracking

Raise the productivity bar of your sales team. Track your sales rep’s performances and work hours with our Sales Cloud Implementation. Get access to detailed reports and highlight the strengths and the weaknesses of sales agents.

Tasks and Events Management

Achieve all your goals of the campaigns and manage the team’s sales activities like calls, emails, meetings etc by leveraging Lightning experience. Let your agents have a personal consolidated overview of the sales and activities without any issues.

Lead Management

Get accurate lead information and deflect any duplication. Track your leads effortlessly and optimize your sales campaign across the channels. Identify the source leads and qualify them based on the score and grade they received.

Account and Contact Management

Manage and segment your customer database for easy access and better sales outcomes. Get a 360-degree view of your customers with their interactions, activity history and comments and strategize effectively before a sales call.

Sales Forecasting

Leverage Einstein AI for forecasting sales by analyzing customer data sales records. Manage your pipelines and provide your team with better KPIs and insights into business trends. Leverage the tool and grow your sales.

Sales Process Automation

Design and automate sales activities such as approvals, emails and logging calls and eliminate the redundant tasks. Assist your managers with a flexible discount approval process and quickly approve deals while maintaining the profit margins.


Custom Sales Cloud Implementation

Exceed your revenue goals and go beyond Sales Cloud Implementation with AVASOFT’S extended ability to leverage the force.com platform. Build apps, automate your sales process, increase productivity, deflect human errors and transform your sales operations into an automated smarter version.

Evaluate and Improve

Monitor your sales data and identify complexities in your sales campaign. Experience a 360-degree view of your sales process. Improve the performance of your sales cloud and fine- tune your sales process.

Salesforce Optimization

Optimize your process and phase out the old ones. We help you make the most of all the opportunities, replace the outdated functionality with the latest ones and help you clear your technical debt.

Here’s our simple Sales Cloud Implementation Program


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