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Whitepapers - AVASOFT

Our White Papers

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  • whitepapers Office 365 a Cost-effective cloud CMSA content management system (CMS) is used for creation, management and modification of digital content...pdf-icon Read the PDF
  • whitepapers Integration of Everything The System's integration space has constantly evolved from the early days of networking...pdf-icon Read the PDF
  • whitepapers Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses in India The changing face of Small and Medium Business (SMB) automation across world, is set for a revolution...pdf-icon Read the PDF
  • whitepapers Threat Risk Modeling for Web Services Web service - Sharing the business logics, data through a programmatic interface across the network..pdf-iconRead the PDF
  • whitepapers Risk Based Life Cycle Testing for Web Applications Risk is a term involved in all aspect of life that is inherently failure prone. Risk is applied both for proactive...pdf-iconRead the PDF
  • whitepapers Business value via proper Test Management Process Organizations across the world and across product lines depend on their ability to deliver products that are...pdf-iconRead the PDF
  • whitepapers Enhancing Effectiveness of WATIR There is a myth in the industry that test automation is generally effective when relied on commercial automation tools...pdf-iconRead the PDF