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The is a global leader in healthcare with more than 3000 employees who work from 36 manufacturing units. They are headquartered in Texas, USA and have been in the industry for more than 50 years now. The main aim of this engagement was facing issues in enabling the trust between the ADFS and the WAP server.

Business Challenge

  • External connection of exchange OWA stopped working, as a result, sending and receiving emails through the Exchange server was stopped.
  • Web Application Proxy service could not start on the Proxy server.
  • The client was facing issues in enabling the trust between the ADFS and the WAP server.

How AVASOFT Helped?

  • AVASOFT helped healthcare client to troubleshoot the WAP server certificate issue.
  • We found that both ADFS and WAP servers are using different Thumbprints on the certs bound.
  • Helped the client to map the same cert's thumbprint as they have it in ADFS server on the WAP server.
  • Helped them to update the certs in ADFS and WAP servers and to verify the Thumbprints for the mismatch.

Technology Stack

  • Windows Servers 2016
  • Exchange Server 2016
  • ADFS
  • WAP

Business Gain

  • The exchange mailbox started working properly as expected from outside the environment.
  • Issues between ADFS and WAP servers were fixed.
  • Streamlined the certification renewal process.


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