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Are you using Salesforce and still unable to increase revenues? We are here for you. We help your business with effective cross-channel strategies, business intelligence, and custom app development for efficient customer relationship management. All in all, we walk with you in your journey of increasing sales, productivity, and revenue through AVASOFT Salesforce implementation, from consulting and advisory, tweaking the platform to build custom solutions and user training.

Salesforce Cloud


Consulting and Advisory

With years of experience and expertise, we will do rigorous auditing of your business. This will help us identify and find insights that can lead us to architect a customized strategy exclusively for you. A summary report will be submitted to you which will include feasible suggestions and recommendations according to your priorities.

Architecture and Development

Experts from our team will architect a plan which can create a positive impact and grow your business! We focus on increasing Salesforce performance with a data retention policy. to update and fill in the gaps of improvements, we also do auditing and evaluating for impressive outcomes.

Salesforce Security

Although Salesforce is a secure platform, organizations still need to be cautious about their data and prevent any form of threats and breaches. To minimize phishing or any malicious threats, we help organizations follow data compliance practices to maintain data confidentiality and security.

Managed Services

We can wear multiple hats for your business. Your administrator, a manager for your business, a monitor to take care of all the Salesforce tasks, and yes, we will also help you with the optimization and customization of the Sales cloud! What more can you ask for from your Salesforce team!

BI and Einstein Analytics

Collecting data is easier these days. But converting them to useful insights and information is substantial for any business! We help your organization with data integration, data warehousing and data visualization.

Salesforce Monitoring

Prepping up for your next product release or checking out the analytics from different tools, we’ll do it all for you! We won’t stop there. We will help you with the tried and tested methods, suggest improvements so you can get ready for a big leap!

Lightning Migration

Lightning Migration

Engage with your customers and maximize your productivity with AI platform Salesforce Einstein. Create compelling user experience with LEX, boost your revenues and upgrade to lightning experience. Our cost-effective Salesforce Lightning migration process will make it worth your investment!

Release Management

DevOps Integration

Improve the quality of your products, increase speed of the deliverables, enhance design, and create an effective testing process in your production environment with our Release Management Services.

Salesforce Integration and Mergers

Integration and Mergers

Our team of experts will provide you with a seamless tool integration and merging process. No more downtime for merging and integrating!

  • Implementing Google Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud integration
  • Integrating your marketing automation tool with Salesforce
  • Adhere to the policies by Salesforce for merging the data
  • Create custom fields and departments for the sales process

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