Digital Transformation has become inevitable for businesses to grow and sustain in the marketplace. It enhances business efficiency in the aspects of agility, cost savings, productivity, automated infrastructure maintenance, reliability, disaster recovery, customer experience, and flexibility. Enterprises are in need of adopting these ever-changing tech stack to shift towards a sustainable & cost-efficient modern digital landscape. Digital transformation is not only about technology or platform switch but also about organizational change management and user adoption.

AVASOFT has served around 500+ fortune clients across the globe with best-in-class products and solutions. Be it rebuilding or refactoring the legacy application, our team delivers the end-to-end digital transformation services by adhering to the scalable & tech-agnostic approach. We step beyond and strategize the defined communication approach for organizational change management & user adoption. As a leading enterprise digital transformation company, our team gets you covered in all the aspects from assessment & consultation to implementation & managed services!

Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Assessment & Consulting

With our combined knowledge of tech expertise and customer journey, our team can assess your legacy applications and recommend best-fit digital transformation solutions to comply with your organizational model.  We design an effective strategy for your hassle-free digital transformation journey with organizational change management & user adoption plans.

Cloud Transformation

Enhance business efficiency by transforming your legacy infrastructure, configuration, pipelines, and environments into modern cloud solutions. Be it rehosting or rearchitecting, our team can help you modernize, migrate, codify, containerize & orchestrate your enterprise applications. From assessing the cloud transformation readiness to managed services, we can bring about a seamless transition to cloud platforms.

DevOps Transformation

Streamline the deployment process with our DevOps transformation solutions. We help enterprises in building end-to-end CI/CD pipelines, automation, container enablement, and infrastructure management with an everything-as-a-code (XAC) approach. With our deep expertise in DevOps practices, we create reusable frameworks and pipelines to setup a hassle-free deployment process.

App Modernization 

Experience Modernization

Modernize your legacy applications to sustainable microservices & micro front-end applications. Our team implements the best fit modular architecture with modern tech stack that helps enterprises to easily adopt the futuristic innovations and market changes. We augment this modular architecture with an intuitive, mobile-first, omni-channel, and modern user experience solutions.

Enterprise Mobility

Rebuild your enterprise applications to advanced cross-platform applications with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, extended reality, robotic process automation, internet of things. Our team delivers mobile-first enterprise solutions that enhance customer engagement and user experience. From application infrastructure management to micro front-end architecture, we can implement it for you!

Enterprise Mobility
Data Strategy & Business Analytics

Data Strategy & Business Analytics

Shift from the legacy on-prem data warehouse to a modern data landscape with our data strategy and streaming solutions. Our data engineers can rebuild or refactor your existing data architecture and integrate various source touchpoints with different structures to achieve a cohesive data model and a single source of truth. Successively, we democratize business intelligence at all levels and drive enterprises with a data-driven business model.

Security Modernization

Enhance your enterprise security posture with our modern identity and security solutions. Transform your manual security practices to an automated “Zero Trust” security model with best-in-class security practices.  Our identity experts cater to your end-to-end identity lifecycle management, data & network security, vulnerability & end-point management needs.

Security Modernization

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Managed Services

Why partner with AVASOFT for your Digital Transformation journey?

  • End-to-End digital transformation
  • Proprietary software delivery process called “Vetri”
  • Tech leader with 14+ years of hands-on expertise
  • 50+ Successful Digital transformations
  • 1000+ Tech Experts
Why partner with AVASOFT


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An end-to-end customer service portal modernization solution!

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Why is application modernization the key to digital transformation of businesses?

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