Tired of hundreds of files and unable to manage, classify and extract the important ones? We present to you FileDoc, our ML and AI-based file extraction and categorization tool that can you save you time and resources, stave off the long delays and redundant rigorous manual classification.  

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Features and Benefits

  • Automates classification and organizing documents using keywords 
  • ML and AI-based algorithms used for high-accuracy  
  • Inbuilt and automated enrichment of metadata 
  • Train and use model for recurrent classification tasks 
  • Increase speed of classification and its accuracy  
  • Reduces man-hours spent on organizing files 
  • Avails documents for consumption as soon as it is received.  
  • Reduces issues caused due to misplaced documents.  
Training and Classification

Here's how we do it !

  • FileDoc’s ML-based learning algorithm allows different types of documents to be trained for the initial time and generate a document set based on the training. 
  • The inbuilt pre-processing engine will process the document set and assign weightage to each of the terms present in the document set. 
  • The returned document set will be trained using an inbuilt ML algorithm to generate a training model. 
  • The processing rule engine uses the trained model to classify the document. 

Meta Data Driven Extraction

  • Ability to configure metadata that are to be extracted for each document type. 
  • Ability to extract metadata from any type of document. 
  • Monitor/control the extraction and classification process using the admin feature. 
  • Create several subunits called departments using training models. 
  • Configure custom rules per document type to control the metadata extraction. 
Metadata Driven Extraction
Data Types

Data Source and Types

  • FileDoc processes different types and formats of the document. 
  • The extraction engine uses the OCR to work with a document that is of image types. 
  • The source of the document can be a content management system, file share like network share or FTP, local file system etc. 
  • Alerts can be configured for specific document types and specific groups. 
  • Notifications will be displayed when each stage of processing is complete, and emails will be triggered based on the configuration. 

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