Build quick solutions, leverage your business using low-code, no-code platforms!

Evolve in the industry and make your organization future ready. We help you make the most of Microsoft’s power platforms to serve all your business needs. With no code and zero code platforms, you can reduce the IT intervention, develop innovative apps, while focusing on the quality and the deliverables.



Power BI - Falling short of data and insights for making crucial decisions?

Get data-rich, interactive, real-time dashboards, and insight-based visualization using Power BI. This will help you get a consolidated view of your business which in turn can guide your team build smart applications and drive your business.

Power Apps – Looking for a unified experience with power Apps?

Create end-to-end highly customized solutions using Power Apps. Get a unified experience with Power Apps while seamlessly integrating with office 365, dynamics 365 and Azure. You can develop no-code, zero-code role-based apps, create unique forms and highly customized dashboards in a very short time.

Power Automate – Overworked with the redundant tasks?

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can automate your mundane tasks and save ample time for other important tasks. We are here to help you with an effective plan, build a bot that can simplify your workload while it performs all your rule-based tasks.

Power Virtual Agents – Oodles of queries and unable to respond to your customers?

Create AI-based smart and intelligent chatbots that can answer routine queries from your customers. With Power Virtual Agents, we can help you with bot building and enhance your productivity, make the bot work for you and let you focus on other valuable tasks for your business.

Power Portals – Reluctant to collaborate with people outside the organization due to security issues?

Collaborate with anyone, engage with customers and partners using the same Power portal while controlling the data. Using Power Portal, we’ll ensure that the confidentiality of the data is maintained while you connect with others for leveraging your business.

How can we help you?

We know how identifying the issue hampers productivity and creates more loopholes in making crucial decisions. To avoid confusion on when to switch for automation and custom development approaches, we at Avasoft, as a team, can guide you, provide end-to-end solutions, and walk with you in your journey of modernization.

  • Help you streamline your process and guide you on the Power Platform tools
  • Increase productivity and save resources with automation
  • Lower maintenance and development costs using a no-code zero-code platform
  • Identify and fill the process automation gaps in the work environment
  • Design, develop and deploy apps exclusively for your organizational needs.

Have you got your Microsoft Power Apps for your organization yet?

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