AVASOFT offers intensive business solutions for all SMB customers across the globe that are built on Microsoft SharePoint both On-premise and Office 365. The company, which is also a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2008 has won numerous awards through its excellence and strong team of experts. The incredible power that SharePoint and its associated applications represent is realized in the presence of more than 80% SharePoint certified experts having in-depth knowledge of the entire product holding the capability of developing a comprehensive customer solution. The credibility of our software experts increases manifold with the fact that AVASOFT is the world's only company migrating data from IBM Connections to Office 365 by their inhouse tool called AVAMIGRATRON.

Our Offerings

SharePoint Solutions
SharePoint Solutions
The various solutions that AVASOFT offers, help organizations to address the challenges of Information Management. The focus areas are carefully defined to address most of the challenges of the Enterprise Content Management.
SharePoint Services
SharePoint Services
We help organizations to store, organize, share and access information. By using the advanced features of SharePoint, organizations can attain improved collaboration, increased productivity and thus smoothly build a digital work place.
SharePoint Solutions
Managed Services
Transferring your SharePoint maintenance to AVASOFT, gives you the freedom to focus on your core work items viz. managing the fundamental capabilities of your business. To schedule your FREE SharePoint Managed Services consultation CALL now.

We Plan for your Solution

AVASOFT will plan your SharePoint initiatives and get a jumpstart on your Business Initiatives. With AVASOFT Business Solution Planning you get an in depth review of your projects which will provide you a detailed understanding of your business use case, process details, specifications, costs and technical requirements you need to accurately plan your budgets and successfully achieve the goals of the organization.

Planning doesn't have to mean endless meetings and months of process. AVASOFT planning engagements are designed to have minimal impact on your company and subject matter expert's time, with engagements typically ranging from a few days to 1-3 weeks.

Cost Estimates
Cost Estimates
UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design
Functional Specifictions
Functional Specifications
Usecase specifications
Usecase specifications

swift launch of intranet/extranet on SharePoint

Present business generation is hooked to media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs and WhatsApp to communicate with associates and customers, other than the regular methods like emails and phone calls. With higher adoption of media tools by all customers and people across the globe, it demands Enterprises to rethink the way of collaboration within their work place.

Our tools and strategy builds business context to Enterprise content through meaningful Collaboration. We make sharing and working together a pleasant and an easy experience for our customers. This ensure the knowledge in the organization grow organically.

Glimpse of what we DO

We have built intranet portal of enterprise class for multiple customers across globe. Our work has helped corporates to build a great workforce across organizational and geographical boundaries. Our intranet portal helps corporates manage wide variety of work practices, collaborative tools, information needs and cultural differences.

Also, our extranet expertise using SharePoint provides business value by building a centralized, self-service area for your associates to find required information, seek support, raise issues, offer feedback and interact real-time with your brand. An associate can be a customer, partner, vendor, remote employees or an organization that interacts with you for business.

Education SharePoint Portal
Finance SharePoint Portal
Manufacturing and Retail SharePoint Portal
Manufacturing and Retail
Manufacturing SharePoint Portal
Real Estate SharePoint Portal
Real Estate

General Benefits

  • Are you a multi-brand business?

    Know how a digital workplace can unite a multi-brand environment by bridging communication gaps

  • How crucial is an intranet portal for retail businesses?

    Launching intranet portals to frontline workers is a key to understand customer's relationship with your products

  • Is your existing intranet design under-performing?

    It's time to re-launch your intranet portal with a whole new user interface and robust features for high performance

  • Are your employees getting buried in email?

    Having the most suitable intranet design in place can drastically reduce email dependency and increase effective company-wide communication

  • Is your intranet portal barely used by your employees?

    If employees are reluctant to use the intranet for business communication, then your current design lacks simplicity and intuitiveness. Let us help you.

  • Make the most out of your Office 365 investment

    Do you know that SharePoint intranet portals can potentially maximize your Office 365 investment?

  • A customized intranet improves collaboration and communication across your business

    We can help build a custom intranet of your choice that can uplift your business quickly

  • Do you want an intranet for your company but don't know how to do it?

    We have designed 1000+ unique intranet portals in line with business needs and end goals. Let us design yours today.

  • Are your employees satisfied at work?

    Employee satisfaction can affect business results to a great extent. Make use of survey and polling options in your new intranet portal and get constant feedback

  • Do your employees know what your business is?

    If your employees cannot understand your business, there's no way your customers can. Sell the story internally first using intranet to create a greater overall brand value

  • Are you left blind-folded with multiple document versions?

    Email follow-ups can lead to document duplication. Intranet portals can store and manage multiple versions highlighting the latest document

  • Is your intranet portal unsocial?

    Today's workforce requires tools and applications in workplace similar to what they use for personal purposes. Try SharePoint!

  • All business applications in one place – Sounds great right?

    We customized a feature, "App launcher" in SharePoint intranet from where users can navigate to any internal, external or other third-party applications

  • How SharePoint develops a united digital workplace?

    Social interaction, file sharing, collaborative workspace, content management capabilities, and many custom options make SharePoint a great digital workplace tool

  • How Customers Bank transformed their digital channels?

    We developed an intranet portal in less than 3 weeks and the Customers Bank employees jump-started using it without any assistance

  • Can SharePoint extend social interaction?

    Integrating Yammer, an enterprise social networking tool with SharePoint can empower employees to stay socially connected at work

  • Translate your siloed workspace into a shared workspace

    Learn how a digital workplace can bring everyone together in an organization across geographical boundaries

  • A single hub to connect all your teams and departments

    All your applications can be consolidated under one umbrella with a SharePoint intranet portal

  • Intranet portal = Information hub

    Intranet portal can serve as a central hub where anyone in the organization can find needful resources, data or information

  • 20. Intranet portal: A communication medium

    An intranet portal can foster seamless communication and continuous collaboration between employees

  • Intranet portals now available as mobile apps

    We can build pocket-friendly framework-agnostic intranet mobile applications fit to meet business demands

  • A strategic intranet solution to outperform competitors

    The right intranet design can streamline business processes and get employees on the same page about your company's goals

  • Empower business with an easy to use intranet

    Achieve business objectives and sales numbers without any setbacks with employee-friendly intranet portals

  • Expect your intranet portal to make your life easier

    Incorporating an optimal intranet solution can be a value-addition to businesses by giving you an increased ROI and reduced time-to-market

  • A single intranet portal is worth 10 desktop applications

    Intranet portal can simplify the work of employees by reducing the number of navigations between different business applications

  • Different sites for different tasks

    We can create intranet portals with 100+ custom features that employees can make use of for a myriad of business purposes

  • Intranet portal is a huge knowledge base

    Intranet portal can be a place where all the employees share their thoughts, suggestions, ideas and shed light on others reasoning

  • Branding based on culture and region

    Our solution available in 10+ countries and 20+ languages can give a different flavor to your brand based on the region and location

  • Find out any employee, data or file

    Fetch any data in a click of a button from the single data storage and management platform – SharePoint intranet portal

  • Share company-wide and department-wide news

    Make use of the "news" app in the new intranet to share important updates specific to company and departments. Learn what else you can do

  • Embed all applications into a single app

    Access all business tools and applications from a single app, "Mega menu" in SharePoint intranet without switching between applications

  • Facilitate social collaboration for innovative ideas

    Integrate Yammer with SharePoint to foster social collaboration between employees for fresh thoughts and game-changing ideas

  • Replace the existing inactive intranet portal with a robust design

    It's time to replace your existing intranet portal with a reliable, fit-for-purpose solution that can create a connected business

  • Don't get lost in the vast amount of data

    Eliminate wasting productive hours in searching for a document or data in a huge repository. SharePoint comes with many intuitive search options

  • SharePoint intranet organizes content management

    SharePoint intranet serves as a content management system that can maintain and manage documents in a single digital source

  • Improve communication and collaboration between employees

    It's time to make employees functional by providing opportunities to collaborate and work and the only possible way to do is – SharePoint intranet!

  • Enhance peer-to-peer interaction to improve business outcomes

    Driving a shared workspace experience for employees using the game-changing solution "SharePoint intranet" can elevate business results

  • Different businesses and different objectives but the same brand

    SharePoint intranet can consolidate a myriad of businesses across different divisions in various countries into a single entity

  • Task-specific identical sites for various business purposes

    SharePoint intranet has several features and custom options to build task oriented sites and accomplish business objectives on time

  • Challenges in intranet journey

    Dauphin County, our client had a vision and we reciprocated their dream intranet portal into reality with 10+ custom features

  • SharePoint intranet - an office productivity tool

    SharePoint intranet has many robust features and it's integration with Office 365 apps make it an out-of-the-box productivity tool

  • How did Dauphin County streamline their business communication?

    Our intranet solution with individual sites for each task and integration touch points to other business applications empowered their employee's communication

  • Making 10K employees socially interactive with one another

    Our simple intranet solution brought a huge employee-base together across different locations into a single digital workplace

  • Intranet portal migration from G suite to Office 365

    We moved intranet of the largest store in the US from G suite to O365 in just 6 weeks and saved huge licensing costs for them

  • Key drivers of Customers Bank intranet solution

    Our custom designed intranet solution with many advanced features garnered high adoption rates since portal launch

  • New Microsoft cloud-based intranet solution

    Get a glimpse of the key features and functionalities of the intranet solution that we developed for Dauphin County

  • Performance of the new SharePoint intranet portal

    Customers Bank employee's reactions to the new intranet solution are 98%. Increase adoption rates through SharePoint! Talk to us to know more

  • Increased adoption of SharePoint intranet solution

    Our intranet portal solutions are simple and futuristic enabling businesses to easily drag and drop required features based on business needs

  • SharePoint intranet has created empowered teams for Customers Bank

    Digital workplace and collaborative environment make employees stay in line with business goals and achieve high sales figures

  • Know the business gains of Customers Bank

    With the modern intranet portal, Customers Bank created a shared workspace and empowered teams. So can you. Try SharePoint!


"Our demos are customized with zero obligation and no hard sell. Get a glimpse into the future by interacting with our experts on our SharePoint Offering"

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"Get a glimpse into the future by interacting with our experts on our SharePoint Offerings"