Sharing and Working Together for Greater Results


Sharing and working together for greater results

Present business generation is hooked to media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs and WhatsApp to communicate with associates and customers, other than the regular methods like emails and phone calls.

With higher adoption of media tools by all customers and people across the globe, it demands Enterprises to rethink the way of collaboration within their work place.

Our tools and strategy builds business context to Enterprise content through meaningful Collaboration. We make sharing and working together a pleasant and an easy experience for our customers. This ensure the knowledge in the organization grow organically.

Intranet Portal

Our Intranet implementations helps companies to stay on same page with associates.

We have built intranet portal of enterprise class for multiple customers across globe. Our work has helped corporates to build a great workforce across organizational and geographical boundaries. Our intranet portal helps corporates manage wide variety of work practices, collaborative tools, information needs and cultural differences.


Our Extranet implementations helps companies to stay on same page with associates

Our Extranet expertise using SharePoint provides business value by building a centralized, self-service area for your associates to find required information, seek support, raise issues, offer feedback and interact real-time with your brand. An associate can be a customer, partner, vendor, remote employees or an organization that interacts with you for business.