Build eCommerce stores on Salesforce Commerce Cloud and sell anything, anywhere, and anytime. Explore the limitless opportunities and weave a digital experience while encouraging your users to take action. Improve your product recommendations and search experiences as you finetune your marketing strategies.

Explore new sales channels, expand portfolios, and grow cross-border selling with Salesforce Commerce Cloud!

Setup your store, and go live faster with customization that fits your eCommerce operations. With our diverse and in-depth experience working in the Salesforce ecosystem, we can help you with seamless integration of Sales, Service, Marketing, and Community Cloud to manage operations across all channels.

"Grow faster and manage better with the #1 eCommerce platform – Salesforce Commerce Cloud"

Here’s how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help you transform the way you serve your customers!

Our Offerings

B2B Setup

Give your customers a whole new purchasing experience. Perform complex calculations in just a few clicks. Make it easy for your customers to reach you by digitalizing large-scale deals. Make interactions relevant and stay connected. Leverage the tools and streamline the processes.

B2C Setup

Create and manage shoppers’ online experience. Unify online and offline sales channels and create an omnichannel experience. Personalize emails, and social media messages and convert better by integrating your eCommerce and marketing. Leverage the built-in features like merchandising, Localization, multi-site, etc.

Storefront Design

Deliver rich experiences on mobile and web by building storefronts using the SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture). The library enables you to customize the codebase and incorporate unique experiences. You’ll also get pre-built advantages in the SFRA codebase including a mobile-first approach and out-of-the-box features.

Headless Commerce

Power your storefronts and go headless while choosing the CMS of your choice. We can connect the units and make them work seamlessly by helping you create custom front-end applications with the use of Salesforce commerce API (powered by REST)

Order Management

Process orders and manage the inventory based on customers’ requirements. Leverage the in-built features of Order management like Distributed Order Management, Enterprise Inventory, Store Fulfillment, Complete Order Data and Customer Service.

Einstein Setup

Understand your customers better and gain their trust. With our help, you can put AI to the best use in Predictive Sorting, analytics, on-site search experience, product recommendations and so much more. Enhance your customer experience and make the most of these features.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

Have a unified view of your customers and get Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration services with other Sales Clouds!. Get Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration solutions for integrating your product with third-party platforms and marketplaces.

Why AVASOFT for Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation?

  • 5+ years of eCommerce experience
  • 150k+ Hours of development expertise
  • 35+ eCommerce implementation
  • 10+ Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Consultants
  • 20+ Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integrations
  • 25+ Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation project


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