For interactive XR buying experiences and for building applications that will take your customers through a surreal virtual-real world, we use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to transform your everyday consumer experiences supporting various devices like mobile phones, tablets, and wearables.

Areas of Focus

Architectural Engineering, and Construction(AEC)

Build models using innovative applications based on augmented and virtual reality solutions and deflect errors. Step into the virtual world of 3D by wearing AR/VR headset, feel the developments and creations in real. This gives scope for any changes and also helps in improvising the architect, constructor and engineer’s work.

Automotive, Transportation, and Manufacturing(ATM)

Extended reality provides a holistic experience, enables develop the necessary skillset amongst the technicians and helps in proactively ruling out discrepancies if any, before getting on the field. The AR-VR based hands-on training programs for Transport manufacturers and logistics firms decreases the number of technical issues, reduces downtime, and increases the performance quality.

Extended Reality Apps and Solutions

Decorate your home, refurnish your office, and create a new vibe!

AVA Furniture app lets your customers decorate your space in just a few taps.Virtually place and experience true-to-scale 3D models of your preferred furniture and various decors for your office or your home.

View your floor with a range of new tiles and select the most suitable one!

AVA Flooring app enables your customers to alter the floor’s coverings by scanning and selecting amongst the real assortment of various floor covering types, colour, texture, and lot more with user friendly navigation.

Enhance customer experience by giving them a real inside-restaurant feel!

AVA Eats app lets restaurateurs personalize the eating experience and engage their customers through the latest AR technologies. You can up-sell, present the food on the place in 3D and keep your customers engaged until the food is prepared.

Bring constructions to life by creating 3D representations of constructed buildings using Virtual Reality!

AVA Arch Viz app transforms the user’s buying experience and simplify visualization of the constructed building through 3D rendered modelling, with detailed features of the construction with true-to-life quality visualization and enables quick decision making.

Get a truly immersive automotive VR showroom experience from both mobile devices and VR headsets!

AVA Car Showroom app gives an immersive experience for the customers and enables them to explore the car features. You, being a car manufacturer or designer would need no physical mock-ups for each prototype and through the latest VR technology can significantly cut both cost and time

Make your customers Pick the sanitaryware that looks best for your bathroom using your smartphone!

AVA Bathroom Planner helps your customer select the right sanitaryware to furnish their bathroom, browse through the collections, view them using the catalogue, and explore various colours, sizes and materials to create a true-to-life impression effortlessly.

Tech Stacks


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