Our operating systems are driven by data. With an effective data practice, we can define a data strategy that can derive actionable insights. Explore the untapped potential of your organization and scale your business with new opportunities. Our Data strategy will enable opportunities, increase efficiency, identify threats, and help you overcome data overload challenges!


Get end-to-end support and based upon the complexity and your business type, we provide our offerings.



Cloud Data Strategy

Have all your data stored in the cloud and make it accessible for your workforce irrespective of the location. Whether it is a transactional database migration or an analytical database migration, we can do it all for you! Shift your data from your legacy system to the cloud data warehouses with a cloud data migration strategy and avoid the On-premise perils.

  • Get mature predictive analytical solutions
  • No bottlenecks and faster data pipelines
  • Saves cost and resources in hardware and staffing
  • Managed infrastructure and reduce data overheads
Cloud Data Strategy
Enterprise Dashboards and Reporting Strategy

Enterprise Dashboards and Reporting Strategy

Monitor your data and discover insights that will leverage your business to the next level. Make an informed and confident decision using the data visuals and reports exclusively generated for your company that are just some taps away.  shift from your legacy reporting strategy to PowerBI for an enhanced experience.

  • Marketing and sales analytics
  • Customer and operation analytics with customer 360 data
  • Risk and compliance analytics
  • Supply chain analytics

Data Streaming Strategy

The streaming data architecture consumes data immediately when it is generated from various end devices in its raw form and requires schema and structure for further analysis. This unstructured or semi-structured data requires preprocessing using various ETL tools. A real-time stream of logs helps in recording events as they happen. Data streaming strategy enables you to take a prompt decision for your business before the data loses its value.

  • Derive immediate insights from large volumes of streaming data
  • Make operational decisions based on real-time analysis
  • Apply and implement predictive or prescriptive models
  • Get insights on real-time dashboards and datasets
Data Streaming Strategy
Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

Understand your customers, respond to the consumer behavior according to the trends and accumulate data that’ll play a crucial role in your business. Customer Data Platform will retrieve and fetch the data from various touchpoints, aggregate and organize it, making it accessible across departments in your organization.

  • Collect and reconcile data from various sources
  • Strategize marketing rules based on your customer behavior
  • Identify gaps in your sales journey
  • Analyse and assess your customer’s journey

MarTech Strategy

Leverage data and technology in marketing and focus on the significant components of your business such as data and infrastructure, content and experience, advertising and promotion, commerce and sales, customer relationship management and governance. Increase customer retention by organizing the marketing infrastructure to fulfil your customer needs. Build an actionable roadmap designed exclusively for your business and fuel your vision with an excellent MarTech strategy! Power up your business with the MarTech stack approach and drive incredible results!

  • CRM integration
  • Google analytics integration
  • Customer 360
  • Customer journey governance
  • Campaign governance and optimization
  • Marketing ROI analysis
MarTech Strategy
Data Security

Data Security

With our team of data privacy and regulation experts, build your business plan aligned with the data privacy and security compliances. Your data regulation plans and their assessment is managed with reliability, without any data breach while identifying the potential risks.

  • Data encryption and data masking
  • Data security digital forensics services
  • Data security operation management
  • Data security policy and plan development
  • Data security configuration management

Data Managed Services

Develop a strategy for routine monitoring and make the data management effective while preparing before things break. We help you retrieve, control, store, access and manage your business data effectively by offering a full range of Data Management Services. Get a holistic approach for data managed services including Transactional Data Base Administration, Analytical Data Warehouse Administration, Data Integration Administration, enhancing and developing different aspects all included in the budgeted hours only.

  • Fixed hours and easily predictable monthly standard cost
  • Flexible rollover hours
  • 24/7 team support for all data managed services scenarios
  • Exclusive service portal to manage particular tickets
Data Managed Services
Database Administration

Database Administration

Your organization’s overall database environment is managed including database security, monitoring and also troubleshooting while ensuring safe and error-free operations. Regular testing and assessments are performed to increase efficiency.

  • SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL – Cassandra, Mongo DB, Dynamo DB and Cosmos DB
  • Redis, Hadoop

Data Sync Strategy

Collaborate with other teams and departments effectively, validate and sync data from more than one system, cut down duplicates, errors and inconsistencies by data sync strategy. Stay up to date and experience a hassle-free migration from the cloud.

  • Reputation management
  • Increases sales team productivity
  • Organize business systems
  • Accurate invoices and order management
Data Sync Strategy

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