policy dashboard

Real-time Dashboards

Shows the detailed list of policies relevant to the logged-in user

  • Get to filter and view the policies based on the departments.
  • Show the critical mandatory policies.
  • Notifications across different departments.

Manage Policy

View the overall list of policies applicable to the user

  • Shows the list of policies applicable.
  • Shows “My Policies” and the status of the policies created by the logged-in person.
  • Shows the list of policies that are awaiting approval.
Policy Version control
New Policy

Advanced Filter

Apply filter based on various factors

  • Filters the policies based on the Created Person
  • Filters policies based on Departments
  • Apply Categories based filtering
  • Pull out the Applicable policies
  • Start date of the policy
  • End date of the policy
  • Mandatory Policy

Version Control and Review Audit

Maintain all the versions of the policy

  • Create a new version of the policy when the description, reviewer, and policy attachment is edited.
  • Different policy versions are viewable by the reviewers and policy target audience.
  • Policy creator has an option to copy an old version of the policy and create a new policy with latest contents.
  • The reviewers assigned to the policy has an option to approve/reject the policy.
  • A new version is created whenever a policy is rejected.
  • Policy expiry notification is sent to Creator, Approver and to reviewers on the commencement of the end date of the policy.
  • Admin has a privilege to assign a different creator for policy.
Policy Checklist
Policy Enforcement

Document Storage

Add multiple policy documents

  • Policy creator has an option to attach up to 5 policy attachments.
  • Policy attachments are maintained within the app file and are accessible only for people associated with the policy.

Policy Checklist

Add one or more checklists associated with the policy to run in intervals

  • Create policy checklist under the policy
  • Assign the interval in which they must be executed.
  • Assign target audience for the policy checklist to run them.
  • Auto notification is generated to target audience on the commencement of the policy checklist run date.
Policy Checklist
Policy Enforcement

Policy Enforcement

The System will ensure the policy is been accepted by all the members associated with it

  • Users will be notified through a freeze pane just on the date of the policy start date.
  • The list of users accepted and yet to accept can be tracked through the policy acceptance view.
  • Creator and Admin has an option to generate reports of the list of accepted and unaccepted members of the policy.

The Policy App Difference


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