Trainee HR

Posted 3 years ago

Open Positions: 20

What are we looking in a potential candidate?

  • Highly adaptable and flexible.
  • Appreciable communications skills.
  • Strong listening and decision-making skills.
  • Growth seeking intention towards work.
  • Decent understanding on basics of HR.
  • People-oriented and attention to details.

Whata candidate can expect from us?

  • Hiring potential resourcesthrough campus, off campus, social media, and external consultants.
  • Plan and organize Onboarding process.
  • Redressing the grievances of employees.
  • Enhance job satisfaction by resolving issues promptly, applying new perks and benefits and organizing team building activities.

While applying through IQT portal, Please select the option “Experienced” and choose the trainee human resource executive and submit.


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