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Mobile App Development

To enhance interactive communication with customer and clients

"We have built a Mobile social Media product titled "Thinking about". This product involves the use of C#.Net using Xamarin Studio to build natives interfaces for iOS and Android. The entire user interface, business logics and data models are designed and developed by us. We leveraged the technology from Microsoft stack and No SQL to build the back-end services. Talk to us if you are planning to build an App or Product on Mobile. We can help build from blue print to go-live."

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Social Network

Thinking About is a mobile social network with similar interest to
converse with each other through mobile phone or Tablets.


Thinking about Mobile App builds dynamic geo-location grids to track followers within their self-defined locations.

Finding Peoples

Client required a social app to share thoughts among the people. Need to find the Like-minded people geographically.


Moving geospatial circle formed dynamically from a user location, whereas other geo social apps will provide a static grid.

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LBD's E-Training is a portal application​​

The portal facilitates e-learning, online test and assessment functionality and Content management to succeed LBD's goal The application usability is targeted for users with computers, tablets and mobiles.

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