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User Mapping

User mapping is a key step in the site inventory creation and analysis process. This occurs between the source and target sites. Users from classic sites are mapped to their corresponding accounts in modern sites to ensure that the created/modified details and the required content permissions of the items are retained.

Permission setup

During the inventory process, important details related to out of the box, custom user and group permissions are gathered from the classic sites based on what permissions are created for different roles in modern sites.

permission setup-image

Content Migration

Site collections, sub sites, lists, libraries, and pages are created and the appropriate content and metadata are migrated from classic sites to modern sites. From a site hierarchy perspective, this is the time to ‘flatten’ site hierarchy where possible and to make use of site hubs, though a classic hierarchy structure can be replicated in selected instances if it is deemed critical.

People and Groups Migration

Based on users and groups available in classic sites, corresponding groups are created in modern sites.

  • When a site collection is migrated, permissions are set up in the target followed by migrating people and groups.
  • Each subsite is migrated individually with its underlying people and groups along with lists & libraries.

Clean-Up Process

An important part of the migration inventory and assessment process is identifying those sites that are no longer actively utilized and that therefore should not be migrated. Depending on access and compliance needs, a determination can then be made to either archive sites or to decommission/delete them in their entirety.

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